These Technologies will evolve in 2019

Technologies such as Mobile Payments, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain already changed industries significantly in the past years and will surely evolve in 2019 and become an important part of our life.

The following is a list of trends that will evolve in 2019 and become more important:


According to surveys, more than 60% smartphone users never pay for their purchases with their mobile phones.

“Young people, in particular, will increasingly pay with their smartphones in the future”

Comdirect marketing director Matthias Hach

Shortly before Christmas, Apple launched its mobile payment service Apple Pay in Germany. Google, as well as most banks, have such an offer in their portfolio. These latest initiatives will definitely contribute to the better acceptance of mobile payments in Germany and Europe.


For a long time known only for the crypto-currency Bitcoin, the blockchain technology will find its way into other business areas.
This very diverse and often fraudulent niche will stabilise and become more regulated. So very good synergies between Crypto and fiat FinTech markets will evolve.


The new 5G mobile communications standard, which will form the basis for new technologies such as autonomous driving and Industry 4.0, will make headline news in the spring.

“2019 will be all about 5G”

Claudia Nemat, responsible for technology and innovation at Telekom

Broader availability of the 5G devices and standards will allow users to download and upload data much faster, which is especially beneficial for online gaming and watching high-definition video.
Also the giants such as Samsung and Apple already working on the 5G devices, which will probably arrive already in the second part of 2019 or early 2020.


In our daily life, we already surrounded by various devices with the voice and image recognition capabilities – from the household to the public security.
This future technology is impacting the economy and penetrating more and more areas of life.

Also, Industry 4.0 will become more productive with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for instance – at automatic documents processing, the creation of the intelligent chatbots or arranging appointments.