Comprehensive mobile payment offering

The results suggest that mobile payment offerings that provide nothing but mobile payment (apps or wallets) are not what customers want. Instead, the results clearly imply that customers want to be offered additional services, such as incentives, or special functions like the possibility of saving and paying bills – services from which they gain an extra benefit and that positively strengthen their customer loyalty.
Only 7% of all respondents consider a mobile payment solution that is embedded in an app to be one of the top three criteria to make mobile payment more attractive. This may be explained by the fact that mobile payment apps with additional services are not (yet) widespread in Germany and people are still relatively unfamiliar with such offerings, as the low number of mobile payment users in the survey suggests.
On the other hand, the items used to ask the respondents for their opinion on various additional services shows that such an enriched mobile payment solution positively influences customer acceptance of mobile payment.
In fact, it is incentives like discounts, coupons or special offers that customers find attractive: They want to be offered added value. If mobile payment is able to offer such value, it can gain a clear advantage over other payment methods.
The customers’ demand for superior value is also supported by the fact that the respondents want one solution to pay both in a shop and online, as the analysis of the market infrastructure above has shown. This seamless and at the same time simple mobile payment process points to a truly digitized customer journey integrating an innovative payment method.
Consequently, a mobile payment offering that includes such incentives may well be able to tap the above-mentioned potential that mobile payment has to offer.

Source: PwC